LeisureDive Canada Inc.

LeisureDive Canada is PROUD to announce that we have, on full time staff, one of North Americas most qualified and experienced service technicians.

With extensive training in all repairs, Darrin has spent more hands on time than any other technician in the country. His experience is more than just an hour or two at a show or seminar. Darrin has extensive training from dive college and from spending days at a time in manufacturers' Factory Training Courses learning how to do it right!

LeisureDive produces a full report on your gear from intermediate pressures to breathing rates. We document it all and give it to you for your records.

Traveling? LeisureDive will set your breathing rate for the environment that you are going to dive in. Have your gear serviced by us and we will do a mid-season check up for FREE.

We can service most makes and models under warranty, as well as many older brands that are no longer manufactured (parts are subject to availability).

Our turn around time is much less than our competitors and we won’t charge you an additional rush charge.

There is simply one choice when it comes to maintaining your LIFE SUPPORT equipment - LeisureDive Canada.

Time for a Check up?
We all need gear that works in the
  1. Regulator service

  2. Regulator function test

  3. BCD servicing and repair

  4. Cylinder visual inspection / eddy current testing on site

  5. Hydros

  6. O2 cleaning  regulators

  7. O2 cleaning cylinders and valves

  8. Drysuit leak testing

  9. Drysuit wrist and neck seal replacements (only facility to do on site)

Email for details - dbarker@leisuredivecanada.com

Many other services available.